Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Boozehounds of the Colliersville; or, Was Curry Blurry?

"Guns, God, and Booze!*
Why should I choose?
Let MADD harpies whine,
When liquored I'm fine.

At least when imbibin'
I ain't multiplyin'
Like immigrant rats
With their anchorin' brats."

The Moustache of Wisdom Takes a "Big Shit"; or, Thomas Friedman Passes the Buck to His Readers*

There once was a blathering fool
Whose prize-winning style is to drool,
Over murderous ghouls
And big thinking fools;
Of Pander, he is the Crown Jewel.

*"You decide." Thomas Friedman, "There's Something Happening Here." The New York Times, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Half-baked Alaska; or, Sarah, Vain and Gall

"You betcha that I love to quit.
Elitists? They think I'm unfit.
I've pooped out five babies!
Now I'm treated like rabies.
Oh, Roger! 'Twas you found my clit."

Tittycunt Follies; or, The Nancy Grace Story

There once was a harpy named Nance
Whose nipples were looked at askance.
"You're guilty, you puke!
The courts I would nuke!
Let me throw the switch, or I'll dance!"